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The world is changing ... We must change too

By Peters, Frank posted 07-25-2017 00:12


Everyone would agree that we live in a different world today than when we were growing up, or if we simply compare today with just a few years ago.  Technology plays a large part in this experience and the fact is that almost everyone has a cell phone, a computer or a tablet, and even if they don’t, everyone has access to the internet.  That single fact makes our communication efforts today much different because we have so many options about how we connect with other people.


Whatever our preferred method of communication we should make every effort to stay connected.  Most of what we see and hear about connecting falls in the social category, but that only scratches the surface.  Our social and business networks don’t cross as much as they could.  They almost necessarily remain separate.  Our challenge today is keeping up with the overwhelming volume of interaction choices, text, email, websites, social media, and the ever-present voice mail, and now textualized voice mail.


Every business that is selling a product wants to reach customers and sometimes that means that they will invade our privacy by sending a text or an email, or trying some clever variation of a phone call to catch the user unaware.  This all makes our job to communicate with the people we actually want to talk with that much harder.  It also makes us very wary when someone introduces a new way to communicate, and rightly so.


There are, however, some very good choices for social and business users to communicate.  NECA members now have an excellent choice with the launch of the new NECA Network that gives members more options than ever before to communicate in ways that they never could before.


Yes, the world is changing and we must change too.  The new NECA Network is an exciting change that can make a real difference in the way NECA members communicate with each other, with their respective chapter members and chapter staff, and with the National staff.  This is a good change.  This is a needed change.  This is a change that provides something for everyone.  Each NECA member should consider logging in, updating their profile, and embracing this change to communicate better, share information, and stay connected.  Change can be a good thing.