Upcoming Events

  • Open to All Presidents, Governors and Chapter Executives of the NECA District 1 Chapters. Please join us at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
  • Open to All Presidents, Governors and Chapter Executives of the NECA District 2 Chapters. Please join us at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, FL.
  • The conference is intended to provide interested parties a forum to review the administration of the reciprocal agreements, discuss issues of common interest related to trust funds, and to meet informally with their counterparts.
  • EMI is a multi-day, in-seat leadership program for up-and-coming executives and managers.
  • Studies demonstrate that fair, best practice contracts achieve superior construction project results, while one-sided, outdated contracts filled with siloed clauses lead to claims and litigation. What clauses should you prioritize in negotiations to set a foundation for success, and which should you avoid? The two-main standard construction contract documents, AIA and ConsensusDocs, take different approaches in some areas and similar approaches in others. Join Bob Majerus, Vice President and General Counsel of Hensel Phelps, and Brian Perlberg, Executive Director of ConsensusDocs, for this hour long session to learn how to: Leverage the advantages in standard construction and architectural agreements to improve your bottom-line. Utilize proper risk allocation to boost party relationships, profits, and avoid claims and delays. Spot some contract killer clauses and contractual best practices to prioritize. The differences and advantage between ConsensusDocs and the AIA A201. Click her to Register